China Said to India No Question of Compromise withdraw your troops


New Delhi: China has given its nod to resolve the ‘serious’ situation in New Delhi while denying the scope for a military deadlock with Sikkim sector in India.

In India, during an interview, Ambassador Lu Zhaohui China said that “the ball could be in the court of India and adopting what options that India has to decide over the impasse.

Asked about the official Chinese media and comment about the option of the think tank war, he said, “There are talks about a number of options. It depends on your government’s policy (whether or not to use military option). Earlier, China’s government media and think tank had said that the ‘war’ could be triggered if this dispute was not dealt with properly.

The diplomat said that the Chinese government is very clear about the fact that he wants a peaceful solution to the situation and for this, the return of Indian soldiers from the region is “pre-condition”.

Zhaohui said, “Returning to the unconditional Indian front of Indian soldiers is the first priority. This is a prerequisite for any meaningful dialogue between China and India.

After the arrival of a construction crew of the Chinese army, the deadlock has been going on between China and India in the Doc La area near Bhutan Tiraha from last 19 days. Doc La is the Indian name of this area, which Bhutan recognises as Dokalam, while China describes it as part of its Doglang area.

China’s Ambassador to India Zhaohui said, ‘The situation is serious, which has put me in serious concern. This is the first time that Indian soldiers have entered the border of China crossing the mutually agreed border. This has created a serious stalemate between the soldiers deployed on the border between China and India. Now 19 days have passed, but the situation has not been easy yet. He said that India has no right to interfere in the China-Bhutan border talks and neither is it authorised to claim the area on behalf of Bhutan.

On the stalemate, the Foreign Ministry said that India is seriously concerned with recent actions of China and has conveyed to the Chinese government that such a construction will lead to significant changes in the present situation and the security of India. Serious situation will arise ‘

On this, the Chinese diplomat said, “On the so-called ‘security concerns’ of the Indian side, India has entered the border of other countries in the name of security concerns, it does not make any sense what activities it runs there, It is not acceptable to any sovereign country. ‘ He said, India can not encroach on other countries’ border in the name of ‘security concerns’. Otherwise, the situation of chaos will be created all over the world ‘. China’s ambassador said that it is important for India to immediately withdraw its troops to reduce the negative impact. It is linked to the interests of both countries’.



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