China Released a new map claiming ‘Dokalam’ as the own area


China is not able to respond to its actions. By issuing a new map between the ongoing tension in the Sikkim sector, Dokalam is said to be a part of the Chinese territory. Through this new map, China has tried to strengthen its claim in which he had said that Indian Army infiltrated the controversial Dokalam area of Sikkim sector. Earlier China had released pictures of alleged infiltration by the Indian Army. China has been offering its claim in this field.

China’s Foreign Ministry released the map last night, in which blue marks were shown to Indian soldiers and thus in this area, allegedly infiltrating Indian soldiers to prevent road construction being done by the Chinese army.

It has been said in the map that Dokalam area has been a traditional pasture of cattle in China. China has also claimed that this area was shown under the British-China Treaty in 1890. Actually, Docmal is a disputed area and is located on the triple border of Sikkim-Bhutan and Tibet. There is a longstanding dispute between China and Bhutan over the rights of this region.

It is noteworthy that in the last 4 days, there is tension on the border between China’s border with Sikkim. India and China’s armies are face-to-face The two countries have deployed about 3,000 soldiers. China has accused Indian soldiers of entering the border and preventing the construction of roads.

On the other hand, Bhutan has also been accused of directly violating the agreement between the two countries by constructing a road in China’s border area. In a strong statement, Bhutan asked to stop the construction of a road suitable for the movement of vehicles from Dokola in Dokalam area on the campus of Bhutani Army campus from China. Bhutan says that this affects the process of setting boundaries between the two countries.



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