China has extended hand to overcome the tension in Indo-Pak relations, silent on Amarnath attack


China has stepped up to improve the worsening relationship between India and Pakistan. China has offered a “constructive role” to improve Indo-Pak relations on Wednesday, saying that the Kashmir dispute has attracted the attention of the global community. But did not reveal the reaction or condolences on the attack on the terrorists on the visit of Baba Amarnath from China. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Jeng Shuang said in the press briefing that the current situation in Kashmir has attracted the world around itself. The dispute between India and Pakistan near the LoC has not only affected both the peace and harmony of the two countries but also influenced this area. The Chinese official said that Pakistan and India are both important countries in the protected Asia. China wants to play a constructive role in improving the relations between the two countries.
According to the Hindustan Times, Pakistani journalist asked the question about the situation on the LoC. In response to this, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said this. On Monday, the terror attack on the devotees in Kashmir was neither condemned by the Chinese spokesman nor the Chinese government has condemned it in this regard. Investigation of this terrorist incident is in progress. Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorist organization in Pakistan is suspected of being behind the attack by Indian agencies. According to the reports, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval had also informed the PM Modi about the attack. After that, PM Modi has been told to teach a lesson to the terrorists. There is a clear indication of the flaws in security intentions behind the attack.
Let us know that between India and China, there is ongoing agitation for some days due to the construction of roads in Dokalam of Bhutana. Both countries have issued warnings to each other. In fact, the Chinese army contingent in Bhutan’s headquarter reached the construction site along with its construction team. Whose Bhutan opposed After overthrowing Bhutan’s opposition, the Indian army opposes further and construction in this case. India always supports Bhutan’s claims on this area. This protest of India went to Naga war by China. This area too matters to India too. This is the Transition Point of India, Bhutan, and China. If China builds a road in this area then it will be easy for India to enter its North-East states.



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