China has already conveyed India’s claim about the construction of Dokalam road


Beijing: The soldiers of India and China have stood in front of each other for a long time in Dokalm area of Bhutan, near Sikkim, India. Both have their own arguments. But now China said that it had already informed India about the road construction activity at Dokalam on the border, as well as repeated the demand to remove Indian soldiers from there. China has already said that it will not talk to India until it removes its soldiers from here. China also indicated that the two sides are in touch to resolve the dispute in the Sikkim sector of the border.

In its 15-page document, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that the number of Indian soldiers has decreased from 270 to 40 after the start of this deadlock in Dokalam. On the other hand, India has been cleared that the number of troops has not been reduced here. The stalemate began between the Indian and Chinese troops on June 16 in Dokalmal on the road construction by the Chinese army.

India supports Bhutan’s claim – citing the lack of decision on ownership of the Dalal, Indian soldiers stopped the road construction by China. China and Bhutan both claim on the dock. India supports Bhutan’s claim The ministry said, “China aims to improve road transport in its area, which is completely legal and equitable. China did not violate the boundary in road construction, and China’s good intentions in this work are to make India Was already informed. ”

In the document, China has rejected India’s claims in which India has said that China is trying to change the status of the border area through road construction. It is said in the document that Indian troops have a real effort to change the status quo of ‘infiltration’ border in Chinese area and it has weakened peace and harmony in the China-India border region.

India views the road as a threat to its security – this comment has been made in a document titled ‘The Facts and China Position Consciousing The Indian Border Trupes of the China-India Boundary in the Sikkim Sector Into The Chinese Territory’ of China. In the document, China rejected India’s argument that road construction in India, China and Bhutan’s Trisima (where the boundaries of the three countries meet) is a serious threat to the security of New Delhi. India views the road as a threat to its security because it is close to its very important Siliguri corridor, which connects the rest of India with the Northeast states. According to the document, “entering the territory of neighboring countries for any kind of activities based on so-called security concerns is against basic principles of international law and the basic standards of international relations.”

“Such kind of efforts will not be tolerated by any sovereign nation, therefore, India and China should resolve this dispute as normal as two neighboring countries.” According to the document, China has no problem with Bhutan and the two sides are discussing the border issue and India does not have to worry about it.

According to the document, the China-Bhutan border issue is a matter between China and Bhutan. It has nothing to do with India. As a third party, India has no right to interfere or interfere in border talks between China and Bhutan. “This incident has happened in the demarcated border towards China, India should call its troops immediately and unconditionally, back in their area, this is the only condition and basis for resolving the deadlock.”

According to the statement, “Even after this deadlock, China has shown great goodwill and great restraint and has sought a dialogue with India through diplomatic dialogue to resolve this issue.” Significantly, Indian National Security Adviser Ajit Doval had met with China’s top diplomat last week before the BRICS security meeting.



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