CAG Audit: Supreme Court Rejects Private power companies plea to transfer case to constitution bench


New Delhi: The Supreme Court today dismissed this demand of private power companies that the issue of the audit of these companies should be sent to the Constitution bench. The bench of two judges dismissed the appeal on Monday saying they will keep hearing the matter.

CAG audit of accounts of three power distribution companies of Delhi was heard today. The Bench of two Supreme Court judges refused to send the matter to the Constitution Bench. The court turned down the demand for power companies to send back the constitution bench. The court said that the two judges bench will hear the case. It is clear that hearing of the Delhi government and others petition will continue.

Let the Supreme Court pronounce that in the case of three power distribution companies of Delhi, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd, BSES Rajdhani Power Limited and BSES Yamuna Power Limited’s audit of accounts of CAG. The Supreme Court had to decide whether CAG audits of accounts of the three companies could be done. Whether this matter should be referred to the Constitution Bench or not.

The Delhi Government, CAG and NGO Energy have challenged the judgment of the High Court of Delhi on October 30, 2015, in which the High Court rejects the government’s decision to audit accounts of the three power distribution companies in the private sector. Had given. The Delhi government has said that there are huge disturbances in the accounts of the power companies of Delhi and the government has 49 percent share in it, so it has complete right to conduct audits. The Delhi High Court’s decision is not correct. In fact, the Delhi High Court had said that the Delhi government can not audit the accounts of the power companies by the CAG. The High Court had asked for the government’s notification that it was not done under the procedure. While DERC has been constituted under the Electricity Act for electrical complaints, which monitors the accounts. In such a situation, the CAG’s investigation will not be different. Clearly, the government can not perform a parallel probe through a commission.

In fact, the government had ordered the audit of Delhi’s power companies in January 2014, which was challenged in the High Court by three Delhi-based power companies like Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd, BSES Rajdhani Power Limited and BSES Yamuna Power Limited.



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