Bus Driver of Amarnath Says Could not Save 7 people but proud to save 50 others


New Delhi: When the militants attacked and started firing indiscriminately on the bus on the Amarnath yatra, the driver of the bus performed spectacularly and took the bus away without fear. The driver of the bus is Sheikh Saleem Ghafoor brother. He is very much appreciated for taking the bus away from the bullets in front of the bullets.

After the terrorist attack in Jammu and Kashmir’s Anantnag, when Salim’s cousin Javed Mirza talked, he told that when the terrorists started firing, they did not stop the bus and by that time the buses started moving forward until all the pilgrims were safe. Be done Seven pilgrims died and 20 others were injured in this attack.

The people whose lives were saved in this attack say that if Salim stopped the bus, many people had to suffer from their lives.

An injured in Anantnag’s hospital said that there was constant firing from three sides. Our driver took the bus forward a few kilometers. He saved our lives.

The police told NDTV that the assailant was a terrorist of the LeT. They told that the terrorists first attacked a police car and then shot a security check post. After this the terrorists targeted the bus. Police say that after five o’clock the bus should not have been run on the road. Now it is being said that due to the tire being punctured, the bus is running late for two hours from its time.

Bhagya Money, who lost her sister-in-law in this terrorist attack, said that the driver took the bus one kilometer away. At that time the darkness was dark and we were unable to see anything. After 9.30 pm terror attack, Salim informed his cousin on the phone about all the incident. Javed said that Salim said – he regrets that he could not save seven people, but proud that he could take 50 people safely.



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