Bullet train will start between Delhi and Kolkata Also have a Stopage in Bihar and UP


New Delhi: If you go to Delhi from Kolkata by flight, it takes about two hours, but soon after the train will be able to travel to these two metros in five hours and 30 minutes. In fact, the Delhi-Kolkata bullet train has been ready to run. Indian Railways spokesman Anil Saxena told that Spanish company Enco-Tipa-ICT has handed over the draft report of the Delhi-Kolkata Bullet Train project to the Railway Board. Not only this, the bullet trains will also benefit the people of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. In Bihar where the bullet train will stop in Patna, in Uttar Pradesh, there will be stops in Varanasi and Lucknow. This project will be completed in 13 years, but in the first phase, the bullet train will run between Delhi and Varanasi within eight years. The distance between Delhi and Varanasi from bullet train can be fixed in just two hours and 37 minutes.

Read the important things related to this project in Pointer below.
In the first phase, 720 km long Delhi-Varanasi will be built and it will take eight years to complete. It will cost Rs 52,680 crore. The bullet train journey will be completed in two hours and 37 minutes.
Travel from Lucknow to Delhi in one hour and 38 minutes.
The second phase will be of Varanasi-Patna. About 228 kilometers of construction will take two years and cost of around 22 thousand crores. The bullet train will complete this distance in just 54 minutes.
The distance from Patna to Delhi is about one thousand kilometers, which will be decided in just 3.30 minutes.
The distance from Delhi to Kolkata is 1474.5 km, which can be completed in just 5 hours and 30 minutes.
The rent of this high-speed train has been calculated as Rs. 4.5 per km. That is, rent from Lucknow to Delhi Rs 1980 and Rs 3240 for Delhi from Varanasi and Kolkata to Delhi can be Rs 6636.
The speed of this train will be 250 kilometers per hour.

It is known that at present, the country’s fastest train, Lucknow is six and a half hours from Golden Century New Delhi, while reaching Banaras, 9 hours to reach the super fast and Patna in 12 hours. Kolkata delivers Duronto from 17 hours.



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