Bhopal-Khajuraho Mahamana Express train wins public struggle: Vikas Yadav


Tikamgarh: On the commencement of the Bhopal-Khajuraho Mahamana Express, Congress workers from the main market of the city took a vote of thanks on Wednesday. The rally began with the local Sindhi Dharamshala and seeing this, the public rally was over in this Thanksgiving rally, people continued to join the rally and the convoy went ahead. The Thanksgiving rally was led by former Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee Secretary and Member of Railway Consumer Advisory Committee Vikas Yadav.

Addressing the corner meeting held during the Thanksgiving rally, Mr. Yadav said that Bhopal-Khajuraho-minded Express victory for the people’s struggle and had to launch the new train. finally, Central Railway ahead of Jan Sangharsh. He said that Bhopal recalled the Sanrsh made to train started in the past years, saying that going from house to house in all 27 Vador Municipal Congress of youths in bitter was cold December 2013 Union by making the sign of the 40 thousand people The memorandum was sent to the Railway Minister, since then for four consecutive years, by the Congress, the demonstration of demonstration, and sometimes the memorandum, In which, besides the townspeople, they also received a lot of support from the traders, which resulted in Bhopal trains. Shri Yadav said that this track will soon be fought for another new Tulsi Express and also for the air service it will never go back. Gratitude Rally Sindhi started from Lukman square, old Galla Mandi, Jawahar Chowk, Katra market, Lakshmi Talkies, Awasthi chouraha consists of Gandhi Chouraha reached the crossroads, where the nation has concluded gratitude rally floral tributes to Mahatma Gandhi. On this occasion, General Secretary of District Congress Vinay Singh Yadav, president Sachin Jain of the Indian National Students Organization, Surendra Yadav, Rajendra Ahirwar, Ashish Yadav, Anivesh Bajaj, Pushpendra Singh Solanki, Congress cars in large numbers, predominantly presented.



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