Azam Khan told himself after the controversial statement BJP’s item girl


After climbing on his controversial statement about the troops, Azam Khan has described himself as an item girl of BJP. Actually Azam Khan had said excesses by security forces had led to women in some places chopping off the private parts of Army men. He was not complaining with his hand not from the head not with the foot The part of the caste that had complained to him, took him away. This is a message on which entire India should be embarrassed. There is a sharp reaction to Azam Khan’s statement, especially in BJP.

BJP spokesman Patra said that it shows how small and distorted the mindset of people like Azam Khan, and what kind of a narrative, a story all over the country propagating against India’s army sovereignty and independence of India. It is very sad BJP condemns it.

Azam Khan is often in controversy about his statements. For his statement on the Bulandshahar Rape case, he had to apologise to the Supreme Court. Then Azam Khan said, Look at the government on this too because we are the government should also take cognizance of such people who want to come to power in order to defame any opposition ideology and government. They are not doing wrong.

Mayawati has her old political foe. See what Khan had asked for them -The brain does not understand itself as a patient. Then the people have the responsibility of carrying them to the rope and force them to take medicine. Treat him It will be a big favour with Chief Minister that he should be treated. The Samajwadi Party will bear all the expenses for their treatment and news channels, Khan keenly thinks his thoughts -The media is interacting with Narendra Modi Is sold. Buying a slave is a slave. Our enemy is the media The electronic media, which is an enemy, is your murderer.

Khan Sahib is not only angry with people of his age, he is also upset with Shahjahan why he built Taj Mahal for Mumtaz Mahal? He said If the Taj Mahal is going to fall apart instead of the mosque, then I will go ahead in it. That’s because any person can not be given the right to make a Taj Mahal for his Mehbooba from the treasure of the common people.



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