The assault rifle that the Indian Army has rejected, is absolutely correct: OFB


New Delhi: The official Ordnance Factory Board, i.e. OBB, is the manufacturer of a home-made assault rifle, which was released last month by the Indian Army, claiming that this rifle ‘is doing the right thing without holding anything’.

A few weeks ago, NDTV had revealed that the army has reached the conclusion of the new 7.62 mm x 51 mm assault rifle trial that has not come true for the basic test, which involves its loud voice so that It is not suitable for a war situation. A report sent by Army to the Ministry of Defense, which has been read by NDTV, states that this indigenous rifle needs ‘comprehensive design analysis and improvement …’

In reply to the letter written by NDTV, rifle maker spokesman Dr Yu. Mukherjee has said that a top Gen. of the Indian Army fired from this rifle during the trial, and it went absolutely fine.

Indian Army currently needs 185,000 assault rifles. Since the cost of each rifle is likely to be about one lakh rupees, along with the equipment used (site etc.), the total cost of this big contract will be approximately Rs 1,850 crore.

Assault rifle made by OFB

The 7.62-mm assault rifle, manufactured by OFB, has failed in the army trial …

The Ordnance Factory Board, a weapon manufacturer of the Ministry of Defense, has also said that senior officers of the Army had also reviewed the rifle by coming to the factory located in Ishapur, outside Kolkata in the beginning of this year. OFB claims that specimens prepared at the time were also seen by running, and nearly 300 tablets run from those rifles went without stopping. This claim by the producer is quite contrary to the idea of the army, which says that ‘Magazine should be completely redesigned so that it can be easier to load the rifle …’ The army complains that even in the safety mechanism of this rifle There are difficulties, and (in the trial), there are more disturbances and constraints than the maximum limit (20 times).

OFB also says that it has been able to bring the recoil to the acceptable level of ‘(Assault Rifle), and now 10 more rifles are being created for the trial in Ishaupur Factory.

The OFB assault rifle can not accept the Indian Army as the basic weapon used by the Indian Army men, and in the meanwhile, a meeting has been convened to decide the speciality of the Assault Rifles among the top officials of the Armed Forces. NDTV has received information that 21 arms manufacturers from around the world have expressed the intention to bid for this contract.

Indian soldiers currently use AK-47 and INSAS (Indian Small Arms Systems) rifles, which are made in India only, and were included in the army in 1988. They had to be replaced with more caloric fatal assault rifles this year, especially in border areas and for counter-insurgency operations.



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