Video: The man who is stranded in the drift, had left the hope only then


California’s Emerald Pool Trail is known for its large rocks of passions, springs and granite stones. Here hundreds of tourists from all over the year come to enjoy swimming. Many times due to negligence, people get trapped in a drift and their lives are also lost. The same incident happened on 24th June. In which a man named Clan tuno gets stuck in the middle section but his luck was good.

On June 24, the California Highway Patrol Department received a call saying that a man has been swept away with a drift from the Emerald pools. He has not gone far enough, he can be saved. After this call, the patroling started immediately after the call. Tuneo was found after half an hour of grief. He was sitting on a rock built in the middle of the river. He was at the height of only 50 ft by water and the level could come up at any time.

You can see in the video that the person who had gone to save that faced a lot of difficulty from reaching this rock. Due to the strong wind, difficulty reaching the rope tune. Although the tune was later saved. He had slight injuries.



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