The World Of Christmas Celebrations In India, The Joy Of Giving is Alive


The Christmas in India is celebrated with as much joy as any other festivals of India. It remains a dear festival for many Indians, who always seek out the diversity of India. The plurality of India is reflected in the wide variety and diverse cultural festivals we celebrate.

The proponents of peace and humanity have been rejoicing on the occasions like these to enjoy the multicultural identities of India. It is a gift for humanity to be celebrating different culture and festivals while living under one roof. The world over this festival is celebrated as a symbol of joy, peace and love which make us compassionate and forgiving creatures of the planet earth. In the wake of Christmas this year, few incidents which remained in the public eye are worth mentioning.

The Incidents Of The Christmas

The first incident involves the tweet of Mrs. Fadanavis, who was seen promoting a Christmas based charity event on Twitter. This irked a few on the twitter and later she clarified her stance on the religious harmony and culture of India saying that we must be inclusive and be united in our diverse culture and celebrate all the festivals with equal enthusiasm.

It was an event to be organized in Mumbai with a partnership with an FM radio channel. When BJP was elected in 2014, it decided to observe this day as Good Governance Day to inculcate knowledge about the accountability of the governance of the Indian people. it is also the birth anniversary of the former prime minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee. BJP  dedicated this good governance day in the honour of Atal Bihari Vajpayee who was also from the BJP.

Many believed it was an agenda by the BJP government to keep its political base happy and satisfied.Another incident as reported in multiple newspapers was about the threat that many Christian schools and churches received from the fringe Hindu groups. In a few states of India such as Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, these incidents are reported as mentioned in the newspaper.

The schools have been asked not to celebrate Christmas because it is not the festival of India. The remedial actions have been taken by the state functionaries who have tried to create an environment of peace and security where everyone is allowed to celebrate its religious festival with unlimited joy and happiness.

India has been the place to celebrate diversity and union of diverse culture and celebration of Christmas is only one of them. Everyone from celebrities to political figure to intellectuals has wished people to celebrate Christmas.

We can not overlook the few of the reports of media which mentioned unhappy incidents about the celebration of Christmas in different parts of India but the stern action against such incidents creation is the only way forward.

We believe in the idea of India which celebrates everyone’s personal choice of religion and identity. it cannot be forced or imposed by anyone to follow a particular religion while disregarding the others in the process. True India Lives in Each one of Us.



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