Super Malaria spreading through asia poses global threat


London: In the wake of the spread of ‘Super Malaria’ in Southeast Asia, scientists warned it to be a threat to the world. According to reports, this dangerous form of malaria parasite cannot be eliminated with existing anti-malarial drugs. It emerged in Cambodia, but later it has extended its foot in many parts of Thailand, Laos and South Vietnam. Due to the neutralization of anti-malarial drugs, it is considered to be extremely dangerous.

The team of the Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit in Bangkok said that the increased risk of malaria is becoming incurable. The unit’s chief professor Arjan Dondorpe told the BBC, “We think that this is a serious threat. It is worrisome that this hazard is spreading rapidly across the entire region and we fear it can spread further to Africa. In a letter published in The Lancet Infusions Disease, researchers called it ‘the recent horrific incident’ Which is not affected by artemisinin medication.

According to Our Survey Approx 212 million people are infected with malaria every year. This is caused by a parasite, which spreads through blood-sucking mosquitoes and is the main reason for the death of children. The first option for the treatment of malaria is the combination of Artemisinin with primaquine. As artemisinin has become less effective now, the parasite does not have any effect on the Syracuse. The letter states that now the rate of failure is reaching the ‘dangerous’ level.

Dongorop said that one-third of super-malaria treatments in Vietnam have failed, while in some areas of Cambodia the failure rate is close to 60 percent. Resistance to drugs in Africa will be effective, where all 92 percent of malaria cases are expected to come up.



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