PRP Therapy may help to natural glow of your skin Know how


New Delhi: As the age increases, the amount of fat decreases from the tissues located under the skin. Along with this, due to sunlight and pollution damages due to lines and wrinkles, skin glow is lost due to which they are old and tired. Through PRP therapy, it helps in losing skin lost texture, tone, and natural glow. Anoop Dhir, cosmetic plastic surgeon and Endocrinologist at Apollo Hospital, said that the therapeutic power of platelet and plasma (the elements inside the blood) is used to give new look to the skin in the PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy.

He said that platelets are a type of cells found in the blood. They have the power to increase and they play an important role in making clots in the area of injury, so the bleeding prevents them. Plasma is the liquid part of the blood.

Dhir said that this is a simple process and can be done in one to two hours time. The local anesthetic cream is applied to the face or any part to be treated and left for about 1 hour. Meanwhile, 10-20 ml of blood is extracted from one of the big nerves of the hand and is centrifuged to separate platelets and plasma from the red blood cells and the other.

He said that this fluid containing Platelet and Plasma is inserted inside the skin using a very fine needle. This causes the growth of platelets to increase and cytokines that increase the process of improvement, and the process of becoming collagen becomes faster.

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  1. I have been battling hormonal hairless and hereditary hair loss for almost 20 years. I am 43. Finesteride has helped lots but not enough. I went for prp in the Chicago area. The pain was about an 8/9 on a scale if 1-10 during the procedure. Others said no pain. It was pretty bad!


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