What you Need to know about Modern Wedding etiquette


New Delhi: The winter season and marriage are also very much at this time. If you are going to get married soon, you will decide on everything related to your marriage, first of all, get married. It should not be that you are married and the decision is taking someone else, so at this time it is very important to take care of some things.

Leave the friction at all, what people will say

This thing is not hidden from anyone that people frank more than others. Whether you do good work or bad people will talk about you, it is most important that you leave the frick of others and listen to your heart. First of all, do whatever you want for your wedding, and if you have to talk to your partner about this, open it freely.

Why is it important to meet a partner before getting married?

It is often not considered good to meet a partner before getting married. You should already clear this with your family that you have to meet your partner, for this you will have to keep this thing in front of your family with firmness.

Dressed with your favorite wedding dress

At the wedding, you can seek advice from others for your wedding dress, but not that you wear another’s dress. Your marriage is considered to be the advice of others but the final decision should be yours. After all, marriage is not less than a golden dream, so do not compromise with it.

Stay Active on Social Media

The time between matchmaking and marriage is most special. In spite of this, many times people lose their shame as they do. If you are doing something similar, then break the bond of shame and spend time with your partner. Share them with selfies and share them on social media. These moments will be very special for you after a few years.


Plan your honeymoon with yourself or if you have to seek advice then meet your partner, talk about it, then decide on any decision. Do not choose your honeymoon destination for others. The marriage is yours because you should choose the best destination for honeymoon.



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