How to choose the most flattering earrings according to your face shape?


Have you ever purchased an earring and then never wore them again? We all have done it many times in our life. Earrings can perk up your outfit and make you ready for any occasion in less time. But we always make certain mistakes in our earrings, and that is purchasing the wrong ones. After reading this blog your life is going to be changed. We will guide you to purchase the best gold earrings with unique styles that will suit your face shape. Yes, you heard it right! You should always find suitable earrings for your face shape such as square, round, oval, or heart shape. For different face shapes, you can also look up for 10 gram gold chain designs with price on any online jewelry store.

It is every woman’s dream to have a jewelry box full of beautiful baubles. But we hardly wear any and just keep on making a collection of pieces. You are not only wasting your time but also spending your money on things which you will never use. Earrings add symmetry to our face and enhance the beauty of any outfit. You can find gold earrings in different fittings, styles, and designs as per your budget. Get gold earrings designs in 2 grams for round face shape for your nearest jewelry store. We will also showcase the most popular earrings for particular face shape. Here is a list of statement designer earrings that you need to keep in your jewelry boxes according to your face shape:

1. Round Face:

If you have a circular face then you should go for long drop earrings or danglers. This kind of earrings will make your face and fuller cheeks look slimmer. You should avoid gold hoops, circular earrings, and button studs which will make your cheeks appear fuller, and increases the roundness of your face. You should also avoid drop earrings that have a dangling round disc.

2. Long and narrow face:

If you have a thin and a long face then you can choose Kundan earrings which emphasize the thickness of your face. You can also pick from medium to largely sized hoops, round stud earrings as well as short danglers which will highlight the width of your face.

3. Square Face:

In the square face, the width of your cheeks, forehead, and jawline are similar. Earrings with medium to long length or rounded edges can soften the sharp edges of your face. The trick is to wear circular and oval-shaped earrings and hoops. You also need to stay steer clear of square studs.

4. Heart shaped face:

The forehead is wider than the cheeks in a heart-shaped face. Try to draw the attention to the lower part of your face by balancing everything. You can pick teardrop earrings, chandeliers which will look good on your face. Stay away from inverted triangle shaped ear pieces which will ruin the balance.

5. Oval Face:

Women with oval faces are very lucky. They are really blessed because they can wear any style of earrings. You will rock in any earring such as studs, terracotta earrings, drops, danglers and much more. Do your happy dance because you can pull off any earring and look good. To compliment you cheekbones, you can wear triangular earrings or studs.

So girls, now you know your type, it’s time to hit the store and shop the desirable earrings.



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