Happy New Year 2018 : Follow these tips to escape from financial Crisis


The New Year is about to begin. For whom everyone is eagerly waiting. To whom you would like to do in many ways. People have a belief with the beginning of the year that it should start with auspicious work, the whole year will be good.

Although there is no scientific reason, but according to astrology it is also considered auspicious and important. Know, who should do such omen in the beginning of the year? With this, you get the money in full year, and with this, all your wishes are fulfilled.

Money transaction

According to the beliefs, it is believed that on this day if you will take a loan then it will not escape for a full year. Therefore, it is better not to take loans without any major reason.

Purse omen

It is believed that if your purse is empty on the first day of the year, then it is not an auspicious omen. So keep money in your purse and wallet.

Cupboard omen

Where in the cupboard the money is kept up. Put money there on the first day of the year. So that your wealth status will remain true throughout the year. If not kept, then you will face financial problems whole year

Look at the video and what you should do in the New Year 2018



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