Do these astrological measure on Diwali for goddess Laxmi for Happiness and Money


The festival of Diwali starts with Dhanteras or Dhanatrayodashi. In this day, you can please all Gods and Goddesses Lakshmi Ji. This time Deepawali is on 19th October, Thursday. Muhurut of Diwali is considered the best day for all kinds of spiritual practices. You can fulfill all your desires by worshiping the law on this day.

On Diwali day, taking one of these remedies will give you wealth, knowledge, and wisdom. Know which measures are adopted by mother Lakshmi on this day? And your grace rains up to you.

  • Deepawali’s night should be Hinges in her favorite book and she should read in the light of the lamp and should be kept rosy and clothed. Do not study on the day of postpartum. After the worship of Bhai Duj, it should be started again. People who use laptops can keep laptops in place of books.
  • Due to the 3 days of Diwali continuously, that morning, the body of oil should be bathed in the body of Narakchaturdashi, Deepawali, and Pariva. On this day, the tree whose bark is found out of the peepal, mango, banyan, and Pakan, boils in water and gets the Laxmi with the water and destroys misfortune.
  • On the afternoon of Diwali, after feeding five people to Kumkum, serving food to neighbors and pasting rice at the door of the house, unemployed get jobs and there is an increase in business.
  • Buy a silver coin on the day of Dhanteras. Then take it on the day of Diwali and fill half a rice in a bowl. After this, lift one of the lamps of ghee lit on Lakshmi Ji and put it on top of the coin in the same bowl and cover the bowl with a saucer or plate. Let the lamp be extinguished inside it. Also keep that bowl there. On the day of Brother Duj, open the bowl and take out the coin and keep that coin in the safe. With this, keep the rice in a red cloth bundle and put it in the safe.
  • If someone is seen you bu evil eye, then light the lamp of the country ghee in front of Lakshmi ji on the night of Diwali, along with a mustard oil lamp must be lit in a large lamp. After this, the flame of this lamp should be covered with a raw clay lamp. On the day of Bhai Duj, it is considered to be very auspicious to apply the raw coconut oil on the raw granulated granules or to apply it in the eye.



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