Christmas 2017: Know why Christmas is celebrated on 25 December


The Christmas festival is celebrated on December 25 with great glamor throughout the world. This festival is celebrated as the birthday of the Lord Jesus Christ. On this day there is a tradition of giving gifts to each other. This festival is celebrated on December 25 in the whole world, but in Germany, it starts functioning on 24th December. This festival is celebrated as a religious and traditional festival throughout the world.

Santa Claus has a different significance on Christmas Day. It is said that Santa Claus brings a lot of gifts to children on this day. Santa Claus is called the father of Christmas. Which come only on Christmas Day.

The lad of Santa Claus commenced in the fourth century on the name of St. Nicholas of the city of Turkistan. Who used to give gifts to poor children. Christmas is the biggest festival of Christianity.

This festival is celebrated as the birth festival of the Lord Jesus Christ and it starts from midnight on the 24th of December. Special Events are organized on the occasion of Christmas in ‘C Cathedral’, India’s largest church. Thousands of people gather here in church to pray.

On this day Christian people apologize for their mistakes in front of the Lord Jesus. People sing hymns in the praise of Christ. After this Christmas gifts are distributed to the children. On this day the banquet is organized by the church. Children look forward to this day very anxious because they get a lot of gifts and chocolates on this day. The festival of Christmas is celebrated on December 24 in schools, the children go to school wearing Santa Claus’s dress and hat on that day.

Christian scholars are almost unanimous on the fact that it is not the actual day of birth of Christ. Birth of Jesus on Ennom Domini Call System, 7 to 2 B.C. It was said that the people of Rome used to celebrate on December 25 as a Roman festival. On this day people used to give gifts to each other. Slowly its circulation increased and this day was celebrated as a festival.



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