Baby Acne Rash Causes And Precautions


Does your baby have an acne rash? So what is it?

Acne rash is a condition that could cause undue worries for many parents, but it should not be as by just using the below discussed few common sense precautions you can overcome such thing.

Usually it takes the form of small bumps, red rashes or roughness of skin that normally appears on the baby’s cheeks, but it can also affect the forehead and chin.

Because it’s usually caused by hormones, from the mother, passing through placenta to the unborn child, the baby acne rash may occur right from birth or develop as the baby gets older. Sometimes during the first six months it may even be a regular feature.

Since the skin of child is very vulnerable and sensitive, it is advisable that you wash your child’s clothes in a ‘mild’ detergent as they usually contain strong cleansing agents that could further irritate skin.

When bathing the infant use skin-friendly baby soap and take care to change diapers, wet and soiled clothes regularly. Avoid dressing the child in clothes made from rough or coarse materials as these could aggravate the condition and sometimes may even lead to something worse to the skin of your baby.
Precautions are far more effective for the control and prevention of acne. Keep the baby’s skin clean and dry, use soft towels and ensure that their clothes are soft to the touch and avoid excessive use of air-conditioning as it could be harmful to tender newborn skin.

Baby acne rash is a benign problem with infants. It is not normally painful or contagious and will not disfigure or discomfort your child for long. Simply follow the above tips and you will be able to minimize the effects of it quite easily.



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