Accidentally broken bracelet, woman unconscious after hearing the price


After reading this news you will hardly touch the hand of something kept in the shop and if you are putting your hand on it, then think many times. In China, a woman had to face a similar incident when a precious bracelet broke in her hands. The price of a broken brace was 44 thousand US dollars (about 28 lakh rupees).

The incident is from Yunnan province of China. Here a woman was liking a pair of bracelets in a jewellery shop. The bracelets were made of precious stone. When the woman was examining the bracelet, then that bracelet was exempted from the hands of that woman and fell down on the ground and she got two pieces. The woman told the price of bracelet that the bracelet that broke it has a price of three million yuan.

The woman started shouting at the name of three lakh yuan, her face turned white and in a few moments, the female fell unconscious and fell down. The woman was immediately taken to the hospital, where her condition became normal. One of the shop owners, Lena Wei told that the woman was unconscious due to the shock.

According to the South China Morning Post, shopkeepers are trying to recover the compensation on the basis of the woman’s gardener condition and the police is not involved in this effort.

Shanghai reported that the woman’s family had agreed to pay 70,000 yuan for bracelets. On the other hand, news in the media is also coming that the price of the said bracelet is not as much as it is being told. The price of bracelets is being raised several times.



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