Speeding Mumbai train splatters a huge water wave on platform


New Delhi: This time Mumbai’s rain has broken all records so far. This affected a lot of public life. The railway station is also not insulated from the water. The water on the tracks was so full that the trains had to run slowly. But a train came fast and flew off the water. These videos are becoming quite viral on social media. These videos are really awesome to see.


Water was stored on the tracks at Nalasopara railway station of Palghar district. Rail carts were running slow. Then the people standing at the station were surprised. A mail train, rubbing water, swiftly passed that everyone was shocked. The time when the mail passed from Nalasopara railway station, the passengers standing on the platform were also drenched with water.

After watching the video someone told someone beautiful then someone questioned security. But overall, these videos have become viral on social media. It seemed as if a supercar came out of the water.



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