Modi Mandir construction to commence on October 23, Amit Shah will….


A retired government official has recently announced a project on Prime Minister Modi. “The ideals and values set by Namo need a temple where they will be respected, praised and worshiped. Thus we are constructing a Modi Mandir in Meerut very soon.” said a source. The foundation work and BHOOMI-POOJAN for this mandir will start on 23rd October of this year, just after Diwali.

Retired Government Engineer J P Singh announced Modi Mandir

Modi temple authorities selected Meerut for construction of this project. BHAJAPA government is heading state government at the moment. CM Yogi Aditya Nath is heading this 5-year government. Retired Assistant Engineer in Uttar Pradesh Government announced this Modi Mandir project. “Modi Mandir project will construct on 5-acre land.” Engineer J P Singh. This interesting news is currently trending in political circle of Indian leaders.

J P Singh announced this highlight project on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. 5 Acre land for construction of Mandir has been purchased in sadhana area of Meerut already. This temple will host a 100 feet high idol of PM Narendra Modi.

Amit Shah will inaugurate Modi Mandir

JP Singh shared many insights on this upcoming project. The project will finish with the economic support from NAMO followers and believers. This project will cost around 10 Crores according to an initial estimate report. Seems like, Foundation Stone for this project will lay on 23rd October of 2017. Modi Mandir project will finish in 2 years of time and the national president BHAJAPA, Amit Shah will inaugurate this project.

Modi himself made this tweet

This mandir project is not hidden from media, government or Modi himself anymore. A similar project came up in the year 2015 at Gujarat when people started worshipping Modi idol like a God. At that time, Prime Minister Modi took time to deliver a twitter post on this project. “Our culture does not include constructing a temple for a human being. I am quite sad by this Modi Mandir Project. Hence, I request people not to participate in such actions.” Narendra posted.

After this tweet by Narendra Modi, Rajkot authorities removed idol from Modi Mandir in Gujarat. We are expecting a similar post or speech from NAMO about the project in Meerut too.



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