Man Gulps down 50 Eggs in Just 17 Seconds for Internet Fame


New Delhi: What people do not do to be famous on the social networking site. It is such a desire to be famous that many times they do anything that makes them laughing, sometimes the stunt makes them fame. These days, a similar video has exploded on social networking sites. UNILAD posted a similar video of China on its Facebook page, which became viral after watching it. The video has seen more than six million people so far. About 32 thousand people have also shared this, while more than 54 thousand comments have been made.

This viral video shows a Chinese youth drinking raw eggs to get internet fame. In the video, you will see how this young man drank 50 eggs in just 17 seconds. In 5 glasses of beer, the young man had 50 eggs. After this, he chopped one glass of five glasses in a couple of seconds. After his exploits, he expressed happiness by making a Victory sign. Since then there are many comments on the video too. People are also doing this and share also.

The youth did this event during live streaming. According to media reports, people usually resort to living streams and crazy stunts to get fame in China. It is known to him how he felt after drinking raw eggs, but after the advent of the number of followers on his social account is constantly increasing.



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