Man Entered police Staton with a sharp Knife See What Officers Did


As soon as we get the name of the police, we often get a wrong image about this department. But a police officer in Thailand has won the heart of everyone. In fact, a person came in with a sharp knife in the Hu Quang police station in Bangkok, Thailand’s capital and threatened to do the same. Seeing him there scared there. But police officer Enroot introduced the idea. He first tried to calm down that person.

Then, talking to him without showing any fear, sat in front of him and started talking to him. Gradually the anger of that man began to calm down and he caught the knife, Enrique but then Enrique embraced him. This incident is on June 17 and the whole issue was captured in CCTV.

After the embrace of the Animat, the man was completely calm down and sat on the chair. It seemed as if he was saying thanks to the police officer. According to the information, the man was quite upset. He used to be a musician but now is working as a guard’s job where he was not being paid for three days. His guitar was stolen by someone who was in a lot of stress.

It is being told that police officer, Enrica had told him that he had a guitar that he could give it to, and also said that he could also go out with him. After that, the person has been admitted to the hospital so that his mental condition can be found.



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