Donald Trump whistled on the sweet smile of a woman journalist, know what happened then


US President Donald Trump often talks about his behaviour with journalists. This time too the case is shocking. Indeed on Tuesday, Donald Trump congratulated Ireland’s newly elected Prime Minister Leo Varadkar on the phone. Varadkar is the youngest and first gay prime minister of Ireland ever. While Trump was congratulating Varadkar on the phone, there were some journalists from Ireland. Then there was a surprise story.

Pointing to the Irish journalists present in the White House, Trump said to Varadkar on the phone, “There are many Irish journalists present here that are covering our talks.” Then he looked at a woman journalist. He asks by pointing at him – ‘Where are you from? Come here, come here. Where have you come from? The name of this Irish lady journalist was Caitriona Perry. Caitriona Irish State Broadcaster is Washington’s Correspondent of RTE.

Trump has to talk on the phone varadkar in the Oval Office and said, ‘nice smile on their (female reporter Catriona Perry) face, I bet that he will do a good deal with you.’ Whatever was happening in that office, Perry was shooting on her mobile. During this incident, Perry smiled. But soon after, he posted this video on Twitter and described it as a ‘bizarre moment’.

This tweet has been retweeted more than 7000 times. There are strong reactions on this behaviour of the Trump on social media.
Trump, “She has a nice smile on her face so I bet she treats you well.”



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