This Dog has been cleaning trash from a river in china from 10 Years


New Delhi: Most of us take full care of cleanliness in our home and the surrounding areas. It involves all of our daily habits. But some people are even more special. We often hear about those environmental activists and environmental conservationists who work for their well-being. But today we are going to tell you something that will surprise you. Yes, we are going to tell about the attachment to a dog’s environment, which has taken the lead in protecting it from dirt.

Yes, a dog throws a bottle of water thrown in a river located in Jiangsu province of China and throws it in the nearby dustbins in the nearby area. Peepal Daily China tweeted about the dog’s environmental love. It was told in the tweet that this dog has been engaged in this work for the past 10 years. Every day he takes 20 to 30 bottles out of the river. Due to this work has become a local celebrity. The dog has been trained by its owner.



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