NRI marriages to be registered within 48 hours, says Maneka Gandhi

Maneka Gandhi
NRI marriages to be registered within 48 hours, says Maneka Gandhi

NRI marriages to be registered within 48 hours, says Maneka Gandhi. Union Minister of Women and Child Development (WCD), Maneka Gandhi announced in a press conference on Wednesday that all Non-Resident Indians (NRI) marriages solemnised in India will have to be registered within 48 hours to prevent non-issuance of visas and passport.

She further said that the Women and Child Development Ministry is under the process to issue orders to the registrars by asking that these type of marriages need to be registered within 48 hours of the time frame, or else the visas and passports will not be issued.

Maneka Gandhi said, “The registrars would send the details of such marriages to the Women and Child Development Ministry so that a central database can be maintained.”

However, there is no time frame as of now, to register marriages in India. But according to a Law Commission report, the time limit to register marriages should be restricted to thirty days after which a penalty of Rs 5 per day could be imposed.

Currently, the WCD Ministry has provided six circulars, out of which passports have been revoked by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in five such cases.

As of now, few states like Punjab need to mandatorily register NRI marriages. Maneka Gandhi thanked Narendra Modi by highlighting the projects appraised under the Nirbhaya Fund for giving the priority towards women’s safety and security issues. The entire project worth Rs 6000 crores which have been appraised by the fund.

The Women and Child Development Ministry are working along with Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) for improving the overall responsiveness towards gender inequality cases and bringing visibility to more women in the police force.

Maneka Gandhi also decided during the meeting with various stakeholders that there should be an international alliance to provide full security and protection to children and women from the cybercrime issues.

She also said that the ministry is planning to develop an online portal for reporting the complaints regarding the cybercrime issues from anywhere at any time as well as by making a mechanism for real-time removal and blocking of the offensive material online.

Gandhi added,”That is where we are held up and hopefully it will be sorted out at a meeting on 11th June on this year and once it is done, we can create ‘Lakshman Rekha’ of safety for women who marry people who come from abroad.”

It has been one of the best decisions of the Women and Child Development ministry, the stakeholders said.



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