Xi Jinping agrees to share data on Brahmaputra and Sutlej

Xi Jinping agrees to share data on Brahmaputra and Sutlej

Xi Jinping agrees to share data on Brahmaputra and Sutlej. After around a year, China disclosed the first ever evidence of a diversion project. According to the latest imaginary picture shared by China shows a massive new dam on the Brahmaputra river- Yarlong Tsangpo which belongs to Tibet. As per the image is shown, there was an underground tunnel. The tunnel is around one kilometre long. Today China has shared the hydrological data of two rivers that are Brahmaputra and Sutlej.

This decision was taken after having a meeting with China over the issue in the month of March.

For Indians as well as Tibetans, Brahmaputra is considered to be a sacred river. This is because of its origin is in the Angsi Glacier in Purang county of Tibet. The matter came into the news when the water of the Indian side was consistently turning black because of the connection with China’s plans to divert the river to the arid areas of the Taklamakan desert. During that time China stopped sharing data because the hydrological gathering sites were washed away due to heavy floods.

The river Brahmaputra basically originates in Tibet and further flows through Arunachal Pradesh and Assam and then it enters Bangladesh and later drains into the Bay of Bengal.

The officials said, “Sharing hydrological data is very important for generating information on floods for the northeastern states.”

As per the new image which has been shared by China, a new dam which is 200 m wide seems to be completely blocked due to the water lodging of the Brahmaputra. The river is forced into two inlets of almost 50 m width each towards the west of the river. The picture shows that the flow of the water comes out after around 900 m downstream in two outlets which are very similar in shape and size of the inlets.

The data is basically provided from Beijing from three hydrological stations and those are Yangcun, Nugesha and Nuxia which are lying on the mainstream of the Brahmaputra river. This is also known as Yarlung Zangbo in China. And Sutlej’s data has been shared by Tsada hydrological station which is also known as Langqen Zangbo.

Currently, the project is under construction which is situated 60 kilometres east of Shannan township. The location is also almost 40 kilometres east of Sangri county.

For the entire project, India is paying an annual amount of Rupees one crore to China only for providing the detailed data on these two rivers named Brahmaputra and Sutlej.



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