Winter session of Parliament remains in the Realm of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh


Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections are over and winter session of parliament has begun with a bang. Many people had raised concerns that govt. was hijacking the winter session of the parliament to gain political points in the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh.

Intellectuals and critics were worried about the state of democracy which was kept in a state of confusion until the election ends. Now, BJP has won in both the states comfortably with enough margin to form a government. But, its time to turn back and analyze the election we just witnessed. The kind of speeches made, the amount of voting done and results.

The Remarks at The Election Rally

If we were to think of speeches, there have been worse Political speeches before but, what is surprising in this election is a speech made by Narendra Modi against former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh about alleged conspiracy with Pakistan. He made allegations against few of the Congress leaders of hosting private dinner meeting for Pakistani dignitaries which Manmohan Singh attended, for conspiracy against BJP.

These allegations made by the current prime minister against former prime minister during election rally sparked protest from all quarters except BJP. Manmohan Singh strongly refuted all the allegations in a note written to the media and public. BJP is finding it hard to defend itself over the prime minister’s remark in the winter session of parliament, where Congress is adamant on seeking a formal apology by Prime minister for his remarks. Rajya Sabha chairman Mr. Venkaiah Naidu asked both the parties to solve the situation amicably by having a joint meeting between the parties.

 The Result and The Bill

BJP national President Amit Shah during election rallies declared that they would not celebrate if they do not win more than 100 seats in Gujarat. He called real victory only if they win more than 150 seats.

Congress has gained ground in Gujarat and improved its performance since the last election.More than 5.5 lakh people have utilized the option of NOTA which is a serious concern for all the political parties. It signifies the quality of candidates fighting in the election. All the political parties must think of ways to turn this kind of voters into their favour by offering what they deserve. These voters can affect as many as 24 seats in the assembly.

BJP lost the seat of Vadnagar, which is also the hometown of the Current Prime minister. The Party spokespersons have come out with their explanation of the currently concluded election. While BJP Calls it the win for the development policies of the government, the Congress is defining its own answers.

Prime minister Narendra Modi lauded the efforts of Amit Shah who has been very influential since BJP came to power. There are multiple bills to be passed in the winter session of the parliament. The list of key bills are The Muslim women(Protection of Right on marriage) Bill 2017, The Transgender Persons(Protection of Rights) Bill 2017 and The Motor Vehicle(Amendment) Bill,2016. We are yet to see a healthy discussion from the members of the parliament. The House has been not allowed to function properly, but we hope to see better day tomorrow.



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