What will Mamata Banerjee do after Supreme Court rejected her AADHAR plea?

Mamata banerjee supreme court Aadhar case

Mamata Banerjee, chief of the Trinamool Congress and present chief minister in West Bengal might find herself in betwixt of confusion. The state government of West Bengal filed a case against Central government challenging the decision of Aadhar being mandatory in receiving any government approved benefits. The state filed this plea on the orders of CM mamata Banerjee.

The Supreme Court in Delhi found the plea “inappropriate” and asked the government of West Bengal to stay away from this case. “The decision of aadhar being mandatory for government policies was taken from central government. The amendment has been passed in assembly where people elected from citizens of India passed it. How can the government of a state object such a decision?” SC asked the lawyer of West Bengal state.

Let Mamata Banerjee file a fresh plea as an individual: SC

Supreme Court did not completely cancel the plea. The highest court of law in India questioned the state government of West Bengal that on what grounds did they challenge the decision of parliament. Bench remarked on the case “A state government cannot object central government decisions like this. This plea will not be entertained as the state has filed it. We although do not restrain ourselves from hearing on this subject. Mamata Banerjee can file a fresh plea as an individual and we will entertain it to the fullest.

Mamata’s reaction to Supreme Court words

Hours after Supreme Court directed Mamata Banerjee to file a plea as an individual, she spoke on the topic to the media. Mamata said that she respect the sentences of Supreme Court of India. The law is highest. She termed as petition “Not Rejected” from the Supreme Court. “If the Supreme Court has said that I need to file a petition as an individual, I respect their words. They have not rejected my petition on Aadhar issue” she said.

What will be Benerjee’s next move?

Mamata Banerjee filed a petition in Supreme Court asking the court of law to intervene in Aadhar issue. Mamata Banerjee thinks that the linking of Aadhar for availing all government subsidiaries is not a smart move. This step might compromise the privacy of a user. One cannot push me to take such a step. After the Tranmool Congress Supremo filed this petition, Supreme Court bench released a statement closing the plea. SC stated that an individual can file a plea against this issue but a state government cannot question the rule.

Mamata Banerjee has 3 options to choose from one, now. Either she can drop this case and choose to submit her Aadhar card and link it to any government benefits she desires. OR she can file a new petition for this case as an individual. Few days earlier, MAMATA BANERJEE announced that she will not submit her aadhar number to be connected with her phone number. The communication companies are free to stop their services on this basis.





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