Why Arvind Kejriwal-Led Aam Aadmi Party Won Delhi


It’s a hatrick for the Aam Aadmi Party winning the Delhi assembly election. The team is aain all set to form the government in the national capital.

Many families in Delhi have school-going children and decisions of his government in the education sector played important role in the victory. He barred 200-odd private unraided schools from hiking fees. In his election campaign on January 19 he said the same strategy will continue after he is re-elected.

In one of his earlier tweets Kejriwal wrote, “As long as there is an honest government in Delhi, the parents need not to worry about school fees.”

His government also brought changes in governmental schools like training of teachers and improving infrastructure. Deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia holds the portfolio of education minister. In about past three years 25 percent of the state’s annual budget was invested in education sector.

Kejriwal claimed several parents have pulled away their children from private schools and admitted to government schools.

Manish Sisodia said the state’s government schools have outperformed the private ones in 12th standard examinations.

The CM announced on August 1 last year there will be no electricity bill for up to 200 units consumption.

Kejriwal government offered cheap and quality health facilities too through Mohalla clinics. A network of 1,000 such clinics are to be opened in Delhi. Currently 301 Mohalla clinics are operating.



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