Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma gets Married Privately


New Delhi: Team India captain Virat Kohli and film actress Anushka Sharma have tied up with the marriage bond. Both Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma tweeted it and announced it. From the evening, the news of both the marriage was being reported from the media reports, now it has been confirmed.

Virat Kohli tweeted, “Today both of us have promised to stay tied for love forever. We are really very happy to share this information with you. Due to the duets of friends, family, and fans, this day became even more special. Thanks for being an important part of our journey. Anushka Sharma also tweeted the same message.

There was a four-year affair between Virat and Anushka. However, their affair has accelerated since 2014. When Team India went on a tour of New Zealand Anushka Sharma also followed them on this tour. A picture of both of them became very viral on social media. Since then, the news of love has become common among the two.

Two days ago Anushka Sharma was spotted at Mumbai airport. Where he left with his father Ajay Sharma, mother Ashima and elder brother Kaushal At the same time Virat Kohli’s family and close friends also booked tickets for Italy’s city Milan. Along with this, the speculation in both the marriage speeds up. It is worth mentioning that the discussions between Virat and Anushka’s marriage have been going on for a long time. Whenever Virat used to take off from cricket, the air of marriage became hot. This time too Virat Kohli is on vacation and it happened.



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