Video: 3 Women Collided with the Car While Overtaking, All Survive

tikamgarh accident

Tikamgarh: In Recent time Youngsters have been the victim of the accident while overtaking or overspeeding.

The Same Incident Happened in Tikamgarh Madhya Pradesh where 3 Women overtaking a Bolero car on a narrow road collided by a car. a CCTV camera catches cars pass by, dangerously close to each other.

A scooter tries to overtake an SUV but fails to spot a Maruti Ertiga coming from the opposite side. The Ertiga hits the brakes, but due to the narrow road, there’s no space left for the scooter to pass. The result: it crashes head-on with the oncoming car, flinging the three women who were riding the scooter it in the air.

Two of them can be seen immediately getting up after crashing hard to the ground, while people rush to the third woman to help her up. None of them had a helmet on.

Here is the CCTV Footage



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