Twitter Suspends Indian Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya Account after offensive tweets


On Tuesday Abhijeet Bhattacharya the famous Indian Singer twitter account was suddenly suspended after some offensive tweets against some women Twitter users, including JNU student-activist Shehla Rashid. After that Some of the users reported this issue to twitter as on Abhijeet found guilty using  “inappropriate” and “insulting” language.“Account Suspended: This account has been suspended…,” stated the message from Twitter on his handle.

On May 22, Abhijeet spewed venom at some women Twitter users, including JNU student-activist Shehla Rashid, which prompted some of the netizens to lodge a complaint with Twitter. “Sincere thanks to everyone for the support. Abhijeet had to delete his tweet. His Twitter account has also been suspended,” Shehla tweeted.

Previously Abhijeet Retweeted about JNU Student “There is rumour she took money for two hours and didn’t satisfy the client… big racket.”

In another tweet, he had insulted a woman Twitter user when she called him out for his incendiary tweets, where he wrote, “You Ms. Pak. Tell me your cage no? Will reach there… Will do the favorite pose.”

User Reported and Twitter Suspends However it is not clear that Suspension is Temporary or Permanant.

When contacted, Abhijeet said, “Author Arundhati Roy and people supporting JNU” were behind the suspension of his account. “Yes, I just saw it. They are trying to block Paresh Rawal also. All Arundhati and JNU group behind this after Paresh Rawal and I tweeted against Arundhati for her anti- India stand,” he said.



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