Trump Administration supports sale of F-16 and F-18 to India


Trump administration said to congress that they are giving a strong support to India by selling their F-16 and an F-18 fighter jet to India. This proposal will help in defense relationship between the two countries to a different level. Alice Wells, Acting Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asia Affairs in the Trump Administration, has argued that India is surrounded by a dangerous neighborhood that’s why it needs more a fighter jet; this is in the interest of America.

According to news agencies, Alice wells have written the letter to a sub committee of congress, in which it has been argued.Alice said that support in defense relationship with India will be a most important pillar of the bilateral relationship and make India capable of securing indo-pacific region will be in the favor of America.

By giving this argument by trump administration has informed to Congress that by Boeing F-18 and by Lockheed Martin F-16 fighter jets will be sold to India and this is fully supported by trump admiration to India.

Alice has said that half of the world’s 90,000 commercial vessels are sold in the North-Pacific region and most of them are supplied by America Flag. Alice also mentioned the US budget for South Asia in 2018 in front of all House Committee

She said that in Indo-Asia Pacific region half of the people of world lives and some countries economy of this region are increasing day by day. Talking about the trade between the US and India in her written submission, Alice  Wells said the economic relationship has largely been on a positive trajectory and America needs to do more to balance the trade deficit between the two countries, which totaled nearly $30 billion last year.

Alice said that they are working closely with USTR and the Commerce Department to address the concerns of the US business community regarding India, including tariff and non-tariff barriers, subsidies, localization policies, restrictions on investment and intellectual property concerns that limit market access and impede US exporters and businesses from entering the Indian market

Our bilateral trade has more than doubled in the last decade from $45 billion in 2006 to more than $114 billion in 2016. US exports to India support more than 260,000 American jobs across all 50 states

Last year alone, investment from Indian companies supported more than 52,000 jobs in the US, she added. She said that the Trump administration is committed to ensure that the trade relationship with India is fair and reciprocal, and continue to press India to further open its markets and create a level-playing field for US companies.

The U.S military no longer buys F-16 but the 950-odd F-16s will remain in US Air Force (USAF) service for another two decades, Mr. Tellis said. For F-A/18 the argument has been based more on technological superiority, though Boeing also has offered manufacturing in India and transfer of technology.



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