Tiny diamonds can prevent fires in mobile phone batteries Says Study


New York: Recently the news of the firefighting of different companies of smartphones was spread all over the world. In many cases news of the injury caused due to explosion or fire in the battery of smartphone users was also reported. If you had also put such concerns in worry then it is a relief news for you. In one research, it is found that the thickness of human hair can be saved from a fire in Lithium’s battery, with the help of 10,000 times smaller diamonds.

According to Journal Nature Communications, the researchers explained to the whole process that Nano Diamond reduces the amount of electromechanical, thereby reducing the possibility of a short circuit in the lithium battery. Professor Yuri Gogotti of the Drexal University of America said that the use of new technology will be used in less important applications at present, not in mobile and car batteries. To protect against chemical incidents, new batteries can be protected through the electrolyte to deal with the terrible events caused by mobile batteries.

Electrochemical processes occur in the ions between the two electrodes, thereby generating electrical current. Batters are charged with this technique. According to the new research, Nano Diamond reduces the Dendrite formation via electrolyte solution, thereby increasing the stored energy of the mobile. Gogotti said that electrolyte additives can be considered to be a wafer of Nano Diamond, which can be used for safe lithium battery with high density.



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