The girl who fought against the NEET exam in the Supreme Court Found Hanging

The girl who fought against the NEET in the Supreme Court lost her life

Ariyalur (Tamil Nadu): A 17-year-old Dalit girl, who fought in the Supreme Court against the NEET exam, allegedly committed suicide. Anita was allegedly disturbed knowing that Tamil Nadu was not given exemption from the scope of the National Entrance Examination. The daughter of a busy laborer’s dream was to become a doctor. The police said that he was hanged in a house in a village in this district hanging from hanging.

Last month, he had just approached the Supreme Court against a petition demanding admission to undergraduate medical courses on the basis of low marks. Police said that he is investigating the case. Meanwhile, local people organized Road Roko in the village and condemned the state government led by AIADMK for the girl’s death.

Anita, 19, was the daughter of a Dalit worker. In the 12th examination of the Tamil Nadu Board, he had secured 1176 out of 1200 marks. But he was able to score just 86 points out of 700 on the NEET. However, sources said that he got a place in the Madras Institute of Technology College.

Significantly, Tamil Nadu had issued a notification this year to keep the state out of nothing. After this, the Center had told the Supreme Court that it does not support Tamil Nadu’s notification. After this, the Supreme Court had ordered the state to enter the state on a just basis. The daughter of a busy laborer’s dream was to become a doctor.



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