Supreme Court Imposes ban on Instant triple talaq for Six Months


New Delhi: On the issue of the Triple Talaq, the Supreme Court today gave the unconstitutional agreement to triple talaq, giving a historical judgment. The court has asked the Center to make a law within six months in this matter. As of now SC has imposed a 6-month ban on triple divorce. 3 out of 5 judges talk about triple divorce.

The court had heard the matter in May this year and after hearing all the parties, the decision was kept safe. The constitutional bench of five judges, headed by Chief Justice JS Kehar, has heard the arguments of all the parties. Earlier, the Constitutional Bench had asked the All India Muslim Personal Law Board to ask whether women can not call three divorces. The Chief Justice of the Law Board, Sibal, JS Khehar had asked whether women should be given the option of not calling the three divorces at the time of their withdrawal. Can a proposal to include this condition at the time of marriage with all the Kajis can be passed.

Kapil Sibal had argued that there is a small bird in the Muslim community, on which the vulture has seized its eyes. The community nest should be protected by the Supreme Court. The Muslim community has come to court with a belief and is seeking security for its personal law, tradition, and customs. The Muslim community has faith in the Supreme Court for the last 67 years. He had said that if a court comes with the belief that he will get a court, then the court should also understand his feelings. If there were any three divorces in court to cancel the cancellation then it was fine but it is not right to take the cognizance of the court itself as the constitution is also silent on this subject.

Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi on behalf of the Center said that there was never an integral part of the three divorced Islam. It can not be continued for just that this practice has been going on for the last 1400 years. The attorney general argued that if someone can say that the sacrifice can be allowed in the name of the tradition. The five-judge constitution bench has heard the case, headed by Chief Justice Justice JS Khehar. This bench includes Justice Kurian Joseph, RF Nariman, UU Lalit and Abdul Nazir.


  • A representative group of Muslim women – this group has filed a petition on the ban on three divorces. And this is representing the vote of a large number of Muslim women.
    -Kuran Sunnat Society: A group designed to follow the Qur’an correctly, they demand that the Quran be implemented in a fair and right manner.
    -Shayra Bano: After 15 years of marriage, in October 2016, three divorced victims-Shayra Bano was divorced after 15 years of marriage, her husband divorced. Shayara Bano went to the court in this direction. They challenged the tradition of three divorces, polygamous marriage, and marriage.
    -Affeeen Rahman: Due to divorce in May 2016
    -Gulshan Parveen: Last year, a 30-year-old Gulshan Parvin, a resident of Divorce-Rampur, got stamped on 10 rupees stamps, post-graduate in her English literature divorced her husband. They were married in 2013. To
    Ishrat: Where is the 15-year-old married couple, Divorce received on phone from Dubai He is currently living in West Bengal.
    -Attiya Shabri: Divorced from her husband, who lived in Amroha, got a speed post. In this connection, Ishrat had complained to the PM and UP CM Yogi Adityanath.



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