Supreme Court Imposes Ban on Firecracker sale in Delhi-NCR till 31 october


Fireworks will not be sold in Delhi and adjacent areas on Diwali. The Supreme Court upheld the decision to keep bans on their sale until November 1 in the city. The court has taken this decision to curb pollution which was going on during Diwali.
In September, the court had said in its order dismissing the ban, that it will be applicable from November. Also, it was also said that after the Diwali, the impact of the ban on air quality will also be seen as to what level of pollution there remains. Every year on Diwali, the level of pollution increases in Delhi-NCR, so the city has been banned for selling firecrackers.
In November 2016, three children had petitioned in the court, in which the order was issued to maintain the order of the bay on fireworks. The Central Pollution Control Board also supported the petitioners and emphasized the need to keep the decision of Ban.



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