Supreme Court Image Is At Stake, Who Is Guilty In The Episode

The integrity of the chief justice has been questioned after he single-handedly tried to interfere in few of the important cases involving other supreme court judges


The Supreme court Judges J Chelameswar, Ranjan Gogoi, M B Lokur and Kurian Joseph created enough heat last Friday to sustain this winter. Noone, but the chief justice of India was questioned for his professional behaviour by the top judges, who are his colleagues but not treated like one.

The matter has fuelled the controversy about the top raking judges working for personal gains and deciding how the court cases should hear. BCI(Bar Council of India) came to rescue and offered to mediate between the two groups, who seem to have a very different relationship despite working together at the top court.

The integrity of the chief justice has been questioned after he single-handedly tried to interfere in few of the important cases involving other supreme court judges. The distribution of the cases to the different benches in the court has also been questioned by the four judges, who conducted a press conference to address the nation and make their point clear. They believe they were helpless and tried everything possible to convince Justice Deepak Mishra, who has been questioned over his integrity.

While political parties have tried to distance away from the matter saying it is an internal matter of the judiciary, which it must look and take care of, but it does not seem to suggest that it is a matter of judiciary.

The root cause of the problems lies in the working of justice Deepak Mishra who has been more than serious in many important cases involving some of the prominent members in India. How this will carry out in the future is a show to watch out for all the concerned citizens of the nation, who rely on the decisions of the supreme court. The collegium system of appointing judges has also been questioned by many in the media, who they think is creating much opaqueness about the working and appointment of the judges.

The commission envisioned by the government to appoint High Court and supreme court judges was struck down by the supreme court citing unfeasible and unparliamentary. Executive cannot be allowed to sit over the selection of the judges, which will bring more corruption in the court. The corruption in the supreme court judges was the talk of the town, where everyone could not believe it.

The Supreme Court and The Judges

With recent development in the matter, it would be interesting to see why and how things settle between the top judges of the supreme court, who have opened fire against their own colleague.

While this throws much serious doubt and raises a question about the internal working of the judiciary, the question of moral and ethics must be asked in the judiciary. The people of the world watching this saga would be wondering of so many possibilities against the nature and working of the Indian Supreme Court. The loss here, in this episode, is to the people and the image of the supreme court, which is a top house of justice in India.

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