Srinagar Airport Attack : All 3 suicide bombers shot dead


In an attempt to terrorize the nation once again, 3 suicide bombers attacked a prominent BSF camp near Srinagar Airport. The attack was carried out early morning with the intentions of targeting NIA officers and delivering maximum destruction to the airport. Although, Security Agencies managed to fail this attempt of Srinagar Airport Attack. We lost one soldier and got 3 soldiers injured in the saving. This leaves us with an important question of how safe our soldiers are?

Pakistani Terrorist Group Jaish-e-Mohammad took responsibility

The terrorist attack in on Border Security Force camp near Srinagar Airport was carried out by 3 militants. They were highly equipped with automatic weapons and hand-grenades. Few reports are also suggesting that the attackers were suicide bombers and had no intention to get out safely. The well-known Pakistani terrorist group Jaish – E – Mohammad has taken the responsibility of this attack. Security agencies say that they already had an intelligence report about this group planning an attack but they failed to identify and catch the attackers before action.

Insight details on Srinagar Airport Attack

As the attack was carried out early morning, you might not receive much information in newspapers or other news agency reports. Here are the details that you might want to know about this attack on BSF camp in Srinagar.

  • 3 Terrorists attacked the camp through a broken boundary wall.
  • One was shot dead at entry but 2 managed to infiltrate the camp.
  • Militants attacked in Army Uniform.
  • Attackers came on foot instead of any vehicle this time.
  • This camp is also known as Go-Go Land.
  • Terrorist group Jaish E Mohammad has taken the responsibility for this attack on BSF security camp.
  • Attackers possibly wanted to hurt NIA officers.

The Border Security Force (BSF) officials are not admitting to any fault in security. “The attacks will be studied and any required corrections will be made.” said an official during a press release.

State Home Minister admitted the fault in security

The state home minister Mr. Hansraj Ahir spoke to the media after Srinagar Airport Attack. He admitted to the faults in security and promised to look after it. “Yes, this is right that the attack on Border Security Force (BSF) outpost has become a tough challenge for us. The camp shall be on alert all the time. We need to be more cautious than ever before. The security around base camp needs to be tighter.” This statement from home minister came at the moment when BSF officials are neglecting from any fault in security.

“We will find out what lead the terrorists to reach so near to the BSF camp. We will find it out and will improve the aspects of security. The terrorists are hopeless.” A senior BSF official stated during a press gathering.

3 Security Agencies came along to stop Terrorist Attack in Srinagar

3 major security agencies working in and around the campus united to stop this terrorist attack near the Srinagar Airport. These organizations include security person from Border Security Force (BSF), Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and Badgaanv Police. A security official Muneer Khan informed the media that the counteraction operation could have finished earlier but this being a residential area we were extra cautious during the action.



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