Sridevi Body To be embalmed, What is Embalming Process?

Sridevi Body To be embalmed, What is Embalming Process?

Dubai Police have approved the transfer of the body to his family. Now the body will be embalmed and after that, it will be brought back to Mumbai. Now let us know what is the Embalming Process and How it is done.

Embalming is a process of preserving the dead body. It takes time for the dead body to be decomposed. It has been used for thousands of years in different ways to keep the bodies safe.

There is no blood and gas in the body after death. In this, a liquid is inserted so that the process of decomposing can be slowed down.

Process of Embalming

This is mainly of two types. One Arterial and Second Cavity The substance is inserted into the blood, whereas the cavity is removed from the stomach and chest and some of it is filled.

According to Reports, the body is washed with disinfectant before doing the Embalming and the massage is done because the body is not strict. After death, there is a possibility of stiffness in muscles and joints.

Blood is removed from the nerves in the artificial enzymes and fluid is inserted into it. It is usually a mixture of formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, methanol, ethanol, phenol, and water.

In cavity Embalming, the natural fluid inside the chest and stomach is removed through a small incision. In place of this, the substance used in the Embalming is put and the incision is closed.

After the process of Embalming is completed, the dead body is prepared to show. It is washed again and hair is decorated and Make is Done.

When does it require an Embalming

Generally, it is needed when the body is taken from one state or from one country to another country or There is a time of weeks and more between funeral and death.

Second, when death occurs due to an infectious disease, this procedure is adapted to stop the spread of Disease.



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