Shivsena Attacks on Manohar Parrikar Says Parrikar Failed as Defence Minister

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar. Express archive photo

Mumbai: Shiv Sena has spoken a big attack on CM Manohar Parrikar of Goa. Shiv Sena wrote in the editorial in the party mouthpiece ‘Saamna’ and ‘Dopahar ka saamna’, “The Prime Minister extended the position of Parrikar to the Defense Minister’s place from the Chief Minister of Goa, where he failed miserably. He was sent in the form of Chief Minister and now he is threatening that even if he goes to the by-election, he will again become the Defense Minister at the Center.

Shiv Sena has accused the Prime Minister of insulting Parrikar on the “prayer” of Parrikar’s defeat in the upcoming assembly by-election. The party has expressed strong objection to the Parrikar’s alleged statement that he does not care about the fact that he may lose the by-election in Panaji on August 23, because if this happens, he will return to the center and he will again become defense minister. The party has said in the editorial that such a statement of Parrikar is not only to make the post of Chief Minister of Goa garbage, but also the post of Defense Minister of the country is insignificant.

Shiv Sena said, “With such irresponsible and childish statements, Parrikar has insulted Modi, who first promoted him in national politics and after failing to get BJP’s majority in the Goa Assembly elections last year, he was led by Goa Handed over the command. ” Shiv Sena said, “But Parrikar has already lost his position by taking intelligent voters in such a light and not believing in the democratic process, considering the state as their private bet.”

In an editorial, the Shiv Sena has written, “Is the post of Defense Minister so cheap and has become an orphan without Parrikar? PM Modi should clarify this, especially considering the current serious situation on the borders of the country.” According to the editorial, on one hand, PM Modi is trying to deal with both the challenges of Pakistan and China and on the other, Parrikar is showing down the defense ministry down and down.

Shiv Sena has written, “In such circumstances, Parrikar should be defeated by the Goa assembly byelection. His fears should prove true and then the people of his state should see that after defeat, he should still made a defense minister.”



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