Shivsena asks Are fuel prices high to pay for Interest on bullet train loan


Mumbai: Shiv Sena today once again attacked the Central Government with the increased prices of fuel and asked if the price of crude oil in the country was falling due to the price of the country’s bullet train project loan from Japan More to be repaid interest. The Shiv Sena, the constituent of the ruling NDA in the center and Maharashtra, had said two days ago that the high price of fuel is the main reason for the suicide of farmers in the country.

The editorial in the mouthpiece of the Shiv Sena mouthpiece said that those who are in the government do not want to talk about inflation or want to let others talk. The common man is facing the pain of getting the price of fuel in the sky. If people in the government support the increase of 20 times in the price during the last four months, then this is not correct.

Earlier, the party had described the statement of Union minister Alphons Kannanthanam as an insult to the common man and said that people without a qualification and people are running the country. The editorial of the encounter has said today that those who are saying that the previous government was better than the current government, have been convicted.

Shiv Sena alleged that the price of crude oil was $ 130 per barrel in the Congress regime, but in spite of this, petrol and diesel prices were never more than 70 and 53 rupees per hour respectively. In spite of this, the opposition was demonstrating the prices on the roads.

Today, when the cost of crude oil is $ 49.89 a barrel, people still do not get the benefit of lower prices. Instead, the petrol is being sold at 80 rupees and the diesel 63 rupees per litre. It’s like rob people.



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