Shimla faces water crisis : People take out midnight protest march

shimla water crisi

Shimla faces water crisis: People take out midnight protest march. Shimla has been one of the most famous holiday destinations for the tourists all across the country. Each and every year, thousands and thousands of tourists visit Shimla especially during the summer season to enjoy in the cooler climes of Himachal’s capital. But unfortunately, Shimla or the Queen of Hills (popularly known). has fallen ill.

There was even an appeal in the social media to stay away from Shimla this year has been in the trending news since the last few days. The reason behind this is the acute water shortage. Although Shimla has been suffering from water shortage since a couple of years the condition got worsened since the last few months than ever before. The shortage of rainfall during the monsoon season and much lower precipitation during the winter season has led to the already falling water supply to crumble. According to the local media reports of Shimla, the local residents have to wait for almost for fifteen days to get clean water into their homes. There is also a shortage of water in hotels, restaurants, and other tourist spots.

With the increasing number of tourists in the summer season, especially in the months of May, June and July. The shortage of water always goes up. This year the situation has been worsened. In fact, several hoteliers have cancelled the bookings and provided the refund amount to the tourists for the water crisis. They said.”The months of May and June are our  brisk business months but this year, we just cannot cope up with the shortage of water available.” They further said'”we have had tankers supplying water in previous years but this year, even these are a rare sight. They are looking at keeping the supply up in VIP areas and to five-star hotels.”

During this water crisis, the people in the capital city are getting drinking water supply after four to five days in the majority of areas. The Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh Jai Ram had a meeting with the irrigation and public health staff and the local municipal authorities and asked them to send tankers to the town areas where there is an acute shortage of water. The government has also released a toll-free number for registering the complaints.

The High Court of Shimla has also taken an action regarding that. It has taken cognisance of drinking water shortage and asked the Solicitor General to file an affidavit.



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