Sharad Yadav got threatening letter, warns against anti-national forces


New Delhi: JDU’s rebel leader Sharad Yadav has received a threatening letter from a South-based group, in which he has been warned not to interfere in Bihar’s politics and not to support anti-national forces.

Yadav’s office told here today that he has been informed about the letter to the Union Home Ministry. This letter was sent to the Rajya Sabha member Yadav at his residence by post.

In the letter, he has been warned that he should not speak against the Bihar government and the Hindu interests otherwise he will have to bear the brunt. It has been said that they have made a big mistake by taking sides of anti-national forces. Yadav has expressed dissatisfaction with the decision of the party to join the NDA, except for the alliance with the RJD and the Congress.



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