Sharad Yadav Attacks Nitish Kumar, Says JD(U) Is My Party Too


Patna: The tension Between Nitish Kumar and Sharad Yadav in JDU have now come to the surface. Both leaders have started attacking each other regularly. Sharad, who was removed from the post of party leader in the Rajya Sabha, on Saturday attacked the CM of Bihar saying that JDU was not the only party of Nitish Kumar. According to sources, after the rebel leg of Sharad, the party is believed to be broken.

Sharad, speaking on the last day of Bihar’s three-day dialogue tour, attacked Nitish in Madhepura on Saturday, saying, “JDU is not just Nitish Kumar’s party, it is also my party.” During the visit, Sharad met people and talked to them. He told his people about Nitish Kumar’s involvement with the BJP in forming a government.

Nitish is the national president of JDU and his hold on the party is considered strong. Sharad said, “Bihar has two JDUs, one government and another public Those MLAs of the party who are close to the government for their own personal interests are with Nitish, but those leaders who are close to the public and workers are with me.

After this statement of Sharad, JDU is now finding it difficult to remain United.  Although Sharad refused to comment on JDU’s removal from the post of party leader in the Rajya Sabha. He said, ‘When I do not fear Indira Gandhi, what is fear of someone else? I am not afraid to speak the truth. I keep on my principles. ‘

Sharad said, “Action has been taken against some of the party’s leaders who have been with me. The leaders standing with Nitish are threatening the other leaders who support me. Sharad reiterated that he is still with the alliance. Bihar’s 11 crore people voted for the general elections in the 2015 assembly elections for five years.

Sharad said, “The decision to join hands with BJP and formation of government in Bihar was against Bihar’s majority. The state’s public had given a majority to RJD, JDU and Congress for 5 years in 2015. The decision of the public was against the BJP-led NDA alliance.



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