Satyapal Singh, Jr. Education Minister Of India Says Darwin Was Wrong

Satyapal Singh, Is ready to challenge the theory of evolution because he has not seen an ape turn into a man when One Day he went into the Jungle


Satyapal Singh, Is ready to challenge the theory of evolution because he has not seen an ape turn into a man when One Day he went into the Jungle. The Minister of State, Human Resource Development Of Government Of India is little worried about the proof of his claims as he has already declared his education credentials in the press when he was asked about the statements, he made during his rally in Aurangabad.

Nothing much is expected from the BJP, said Congress Leader Jairam Ramesh, who believes that BJP is the fountainhead of nonsense. Satyapal Singh became the first serving chief commissioner of police when he resigned from his post to fight the election on the BJP ticket.

Although, he is not new to the controversy as he has dealt with many of them during his tenure in the Indian police department. Once he banned ladies from wearing scarfs when he was the in charge of Pune.

The recent remark seems to have found deep setbacks for him as the science community and general and common people, who know a little about humans seem to sincerely disagree with him. Satyapal Singh said that foreign universities have discarded the idea of Darwinism long back and Indian scientists have done it too, So Schools and colleges must stop the teaching false idea of evolution to the students.

Satyapal Singh

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is the founder of Biocon and also a biologist, said that it is an insult to the scientists of India and as a biologist, she does not know how to respond to the statements like these, which are nothing but nonsense. On top of that, he is education minister in the union cabinet and that basically should solve the mystery around the statement.

While the world of science seems to be confounded by the statements of Satyapal Singh, he has maintained his stand, as he believes he is a man of science and holds PhD in Chemistry from the Delhi University. As if his statement about the man was not enough that he chose to declare his education credentials to the people doubting his logic and reasoning behind the statement.

While his credit as the top Police Officer has many takers and is evident from his relentless and continuous service to the nation in the various capacities in many states of the country, his political career seems to be hitting rough. Awarded many medals during his service in the Government, he has many credits to his name for being an effective Police Man, but the Curious remarks which have been made quite a few in his career demand answers.

He has written a few books on his career as well as on self-help. How the other Parties respond to the remarks and thoughts of Satyapal Singh would be interesting to see in the coming days. Once, he, in his police career denied Passport renewal to the then Home Minister Of Maharastra due to a large number of cases pending against him. It created a controversy back then as going against his Boss. In this case, he seems to be going against the Basics of education while being an education minister.



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