Sant Rampal supporters accuse Media for these allegations


Worshipped by his followers as an incarnation of Kabir, Sant Rampal is currently spending his time in Judiciary Custody for the charges of Murder and illegally keeping firearms. Whereas, his supporters are protesting against a Media Channel in Delhi. According to supporters of Rampal, Channel presented wrong information regarding Sant Maharaj on its channel and it will not be tolerated.

What do Sant Rampal followers have to say

Followers of this person are protesting against a media house in Delhi. They are holding banners and scripts with the images of Rampal Ji Maharaj and submitted a copy of the notice to the respective news channel. Protesters claim that the information shared by a news channel on its on-air show “Baba Re Baba” is not true and hence shall be considered as misguiding the nation. Thus, protesters demand the media channel to apologize for their mistake and publish right information on their worshipped person.

Rampal’s Theatrical Life Story

The life story of Rampal is like a Bollywood movie script.First of all, He started his career as an Assistant Engineer in the government sector. He started practicing Satsang in the locality and soon joined Kabir Panth. He became Sant Rampal from just being Rampal very soon and so had a following his own. Sant Rampal was then terminated from his government service in the year 2000 whereas the protesters say that he resigned from his post by his own will. He is currently under police custody.

Complete Police Case against so called Sant

Sant Rampal had his personal views which believed that one should not worship idols. He said that every person is a God in himself. and Hereby one should concentrate on their inner power. He released a statement on Arya Samaj in the year 2006 which then raised a violent conflict between two sects. An Arya Samaj follower lost his life in this outrage. Sant Rampal was arrested in this murder case in the year 2006 and got a bail in 2008.

Chief of Satlok Ashram – Rampal missed court summon repeatedly more than 40 times and hence court released an arrest warrant against him. When police reached his Shram for arrest, Sant followers stopped them. For few days, Police waited helplessly for arrest. Later, Court released more strict orders against so-called Sant and Police forcefully entered the ashram. Police made the arrest.

Additional charges for keeping illegal arms and murder joined the list. Police found few dead bodies inside the campus.

Interesting turn in Baba Ram Rahim case

On the other hand, an interesting series of event happened in Ram Rahim Case. Ram Rahim is a so-called baba just like Sant Rampal. His so-called daughter HoneyPreet is now in Police Custody after a long run. When presented in court, she addressed herself as the daughter of Ram Rahim. Haryana court sent Honeypreet in 6 Days Police custody. Honeypreet might have serious participation in violent Sirsa protests.



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